2255 East Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92027  •  760.294.5599
2255 East Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92027  •  760.294.5599

We take students who have acquired fundamental knowledge in elementary school and help them develop the critical thinking skills they will need in order to succeed in high school.

Heritage Junior High School is a classroom-based Traditional Classroom option for grades seven and eight. Our curriculum is rigorous, but that rigor is necessary to prepare students for the challenging academics at Escondido Charter High School. At HJHS, we understand the challenges of adolescence, but we also appreciate the intellectual capabilities at this age.

By the time students reach the seventh grade, they have honed their skills in observation, listening, and memorization, and have developed their own framework for learning. They have processed a large amount of fundamental knowledge and can now put that knowledge to use as their critical thinking abilities increase.

A Traditional Classroom Experience

5 days/week on campus
7 periods of instruction/day
21-student avg class size
Rigorous preparation for ECHS Coursework
Great books inspired curriculum
Project Lead the Way courses
Athletic, club, and leadership opportunities
California Distinguished School

Focused on Fundamentals

Reading and Writing We implement a Great Books curriculum in our literature classes, and we require an additional course in academic writing for all students.
Enrichment Courses We offer enrichment courses in the arts as well as curricular-based clubs in order to round out each student’s experience.
Science We teach physical and earth sciences and offer Project Lead the Way courses to help our students understand the scientific method.
History Our history classes focus on western civilization and U.S. history. We believe it is imperative for our students to understand the roots of our unique American culture.
Mathematics We use the Saxon method, which is the same method used in our elementary and high schools, giving our students a seamless transition from one school to the next.
High Academic Expectations We have high academic expectations for our students, but we also provide the means for them to be successful. Our teachers are dedicated to helping each and every student.

Incredible experiences outside of the classroom

Students at HJHS are given the opportunity to enjoy off-campus excursions that are both educational and community-oriented, such as the eighth-grade’s annual three-day trip to Catalina Island. At HJHS, we believe outings such as this help foster a sense of unity within the school and provide resonant learning experiences that cannot be replicated in the classroom.